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Annonces / Emploi / Offre d'emploi / Offre d'emploi : MSF-Espagne recherche un Biomed & Colc Chain Mobile Implementation Officer

Offre d'emploi : MSF-Espagne recherche un Biomed & Colc Chain Mobile Implementation Officer

Description :
Médecins Sans Frontières is an international independent medical-humanitarian organization, which offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

The MSF movement is built around five operational directorates supported by 23 sections and offices worldwide. MSF OCBA is one of those directorates. The operations are implemented by field teams and the mission coordination teams; together with the organizational units based in Barcelona, Athens and decentralised in Nairobi, Dakar and Amman. The field operations are guided and supported by 4 Operational Cells, the Emergency Unit and other departments supporting operations, including the Logistics Department.

In April 2014, MSF OCBA launched a one year PUSH project for Cold Chain and Biomedical. This project is going to be extended for 6 month year (until September 2015).
Accountable to the Head of Operational Logistics and functionally reporting to the Cold chain and Biomedical project leader, the MIO’s main objective is to help in the deployment and implementation in the field missions of the policies, procedures and standard setup, following the PUSH project objectives.

This implementation will be done directly, with the pertinent adaptations and corrections agreed with his/her responsible, and through the training of the personnel involved in these technical areas in the missions and in close collaboration with the Medical and Logistical staff of the mission.

Main tasks
•In collaboration with the project leader, continue technical support and reinforce implementation of the PUSH project in missions that have been already “PUSHED” by ensuring that management of preventive maintenance, functioning and use of cold chain and medical equipment, in the MSF projects and capital bases, are effectively done, following MSF standards and protocols.
•Start implementation of the PUSH project in new countries.
•In countries with a good management of medical equipment, considering the use, cleaning and preventive maintenance, improve the support in the aim to avoid disruption of MSF medical activities, by implementing:
othe management of breakdowns and repairs,
othe dispatching of medical equipment in medical services according to the medical needs
oa back-up system.
oredaction of external maintenance contract

Cold Chain Responsibilities:
Evaluate the cold chain management of the mission using the evaluation form dedicated for this family

Following the evaluation, makes an action plan to rectify the problems.

Implement the corrective measures so that the MSF policy and standard procedures are in place before leaving the mission. This includes at least:
-Updated procedures with clear definition of responsibilities in the cold chain (including external partners as MoH)
-Training on each user on their responsibilities,
-Upgrade and reoganize the cold chain equipment and spare parts to standard (or make sure orders are launched) and insure contingency in case of failure

Biomedical Responsibilities:

Evaluate the situation around medical equipment of the mission using the evaluation form dedicated for this family.
For missions that have been already “PUSHED”, a special evaluation will be given to:
-Essential equipment and how to handle breakages
-Possibility of a focal point to coordinate Biomed equipment support
-Agreements with the MOH and hospitals on which equipment is being used and who is responsible for them
-Procurement strategy (International or local purchases, maintenance contracts and supplier relations)

Implementation of a management and support system for biomedical equipments
-Update Asset Inventory
-Assure Biomedical equipments are safe and correctly installed (electrical, dust, heat, humidity…).
-HR: Biomedical technician (new employees or extra responsibility to existing if needed)
-Raise awareness for medical and logistic staff on biomed, and instruct on the individual roles and responsibilities: use, cleaning, consumables and spare parts ordering, maintenance, spare parts stock.
-Coordinate medical and logistics activities, to organize preventive maintenance and propose a quick answer in case of breakdown
-Training of technician(s)
-Training of users
-Implement as much as possible standard MSF procedures, but adapt to situation if necessary.
-Introduce preventive maintenance on all equipments in need, following recommendation of the biomedical referential
-Introduce and follow up a system for preventive and curative maintenance, with logging of work and parts used.
-Workshop for local technician (find space, organize it)
-Assure all necessary documentations are available in paper or digital format.
-Put in place stock of spare parts, with monitoring and creation of new orders when needed
-Propose backup solution if critical equipments fails.
-Propose maintenance solutions for more complex equipments (plate reader, image intensifier, fixed X-ray, etc), by investigating and validating potential local contractors for maintenance activities (contracts).

Evaluate future sites (explo) and give recommendations concerning:
-Existing equipments (which will MSF use (invest in consumables, repair, lifetime, etc) and which one is not needed or must be replaced)
-Need of new equipments
-Structural details (space, temperature, humidity, ventilation….)
-Local support / supplier

Assist with installation of new equipments:
-Advice structural requirements
-Integration of this equipment into maintenance schedules, and training for users and technicians.

Other Responsibilities:
Revise and give advice on the E prep materials for Coldchain and Biomed equipment.

Promote use of MSF standard equipment and identify areas where MSF standard equipment does not meet field demands, in communication with the technical referents.

Verify possibility for local support and purchases of biomedical equipments
•Contact with and validation of -local suppliers of biomedical suppliers
•Service contracts with local companies (if needed).
•Purchase contract for local purchases.
Debrief Project/Mission coordination, HQ Technical Referent

Report after each visit (Observations, Inventory, and Recommendations if any)

Support to emergency intervention in the area of expertise if required (particularly in start-up phase in mass vaccination responses)

In case of need, other logistic tasks will be added to the ToR of the implementation visits, such as punctual contributions to the developments of guidance papers.

When the MIO is not on mission and after enjoying his/her R&R / holidays, s/he will support the Logistic department in tasks to be defined.

•Technical education (technician, engineer) in electronic or biomedical.
•Minimum 1 year experience in related position preferred,
•Field experience in developing countries is a big advantage,
•Technical Work experience in hospital or vaccination campaign.
•Field experience with MSF is an asset,
•Experience in coaching and training of staff,
•Excellent written and oral communications skills,
•Ability to set priorities and organize his/her own work,
•Fluent written and spoken English. French and Spanish is an asset.

•Commitment to MSF’s Principles
•Cross-cultural Awareness
•Behavioural Flexibility
•Stress Management
•Analytical Thinking
•Results and Quality Orientation
•Service Orientation
•Planning and Organising
•Teamwork and Cooperation

•Willingness to travel at short notice to whatever context MSF is working in, for missions in principle not exceeding 2 months,

•Based in the field with frequent travelling and supervisions to the projects (minimum 80 % of his/her working time)
•Temporary contract
•Full time work.
•Annual gross salary divided into 12 monthly payments + secondary benefits based on MSF OCBA Reward Policy.
•Practical working conditions while in the field are as per the MSF-OCBA guideline.
•Starting date: Immediately

Applicants should send curriculum vitae and cover letter under the reference “CC&BM” to:

Médicos Sin Fronteras / Dpto. RRHH
C/ Nou de la Rambla, 26
08001 Barcelona
email anti-spam
Closing date: 7th of April 2015
In any case, replies will only be sent to short-listed candidates.

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